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January 7, 2011

Fly in peace

Copenhagen Airport

Walking into an airport with a suitcase in my hands and passport in the pocket is a wonderful feeling. I know that I am on my way to somewhere for new impressions or maybe to meet people I haven't seen for some time. In combination with the sight of airline logos above the check-in counters and the sound of the cold female voice announcing the last call for a flight to Beijing it sets me in a certain mood. This is where the romantic part of the story stops. The next second I see the long queues for check-in which reminds me of yet another queue for security check waiting for me after check-in. Once those two procedures are finished I walk into a terminal surrounded by people rushing to their flights and shops filled with tax-free hunters. Whether I will go on holiday or coming back for work this stressful experience is the last thing I want. What I want is a peaceful journey from the point I enter airport A to the point I step out of airport B. Yes, having access to various airline lounges will lessen the experienced stress just described but there is no express queue for security checks and passport gates in the terminal for first/business class travellers as I know. That is why I have begun to appreciate smaller airports. Having seen enough of the buzz of the big hubs I now just want a journey in peace, knowing that it is something I won't have much of in the city.

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