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April 3, 2010

Focus on interior lighting

New York Bar, Park Hyatt Tokyo. Image: Flickr.

I recently watched Lost in Translation again and thought about what gives it the cozy ambience. It feels like the pace of the movie resets each time Bob and Charlotte returns to the hotel (Park Hyatt) after their eventful experiences of Tokyo city. So it must be the hotel. At least it's a vital part of the explanation. The interior design in Park Hyatt Tokyo is the work of John Morford. In a recent interview with Monocle he expresses that lighting is very important in interior design and therefore also his first element of focus in every project. 

Staircase, Park Hyatt Tokyo. Image: Flickr.

Library, Park Hyatt Tokyo. Image: Flickr.

Thinking about it lighting affects everything from small objects to furniture in a room. It also affects the mood in a way that other elements don't. Next time I re-organize a room, lighting first.

New York Bar, Park Hyatt Tokyo. Image: Flickr.

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